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Calivigny Island featured in Destination Wedding Planner Insider

On Calivigny Island, guests are sure to have a moment full of absolute romance with all the privacy of a secluded island. This is a modern paradise, an architectural masterpiece, spread over 80 lush acres, where guests can appreciate the finest things in life. Behind the scenes, guests have a dedicated team of experts in the art of hospitality. Michelin-starred chefs, award-winning designers, trainers and wellness professionals, playmates for the young ones – and young at heart.

Calivigny Island is perfect for couples looking for the ultimate private island destination in the Caribbean. This island is for the newlyweds who would like their time custom-designed from them with an extraordinary staff ready to deliver the perfect honeymoon.

No wonder it was named in the top 10 luxurious honeymoon resorts for 2021 in the Destination Wedding Planner Insider for 2021!

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