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Center of Excellence Dental at Clinique La Praire

This new department, consisting of five dentists and two hygienists mastering the latest techniques of care, offers in each of the dental specialties a recognized level of competence and high quality in a holistic approach.  The dental center of excellence  offers modern treatments, based on the latest technological advances and more specifically: analysis, the aesthetics of the smile, the rejuvenation of the smile and cosmetology (whitening and ceramic facets, Dental Antiaging).

List of services of the Dental Center of Excellence:

  • Dental check up (clinical examination, radiography, panoramic radio, scanner)

  • Prophylaxis by dental hygienists (descaling, bleaching)

  • Caries treatment by composite resin or ceramic inlay

  • Endodontics (root treatment)

  • Ceramic crown and bridge

  • All on four: realization in a few days of a resin prosthesis screwed on four implants 

  • implantology

  • Aesthetic Smile: Digital Smile Design - Bleaching - Invisalign - Ceramic Veneer 

  • Invisalign Orthodontics with Invisalign

  • Dental Anti-aging (rejuvenation): treatment of the aging of the oral sphere (wear of the teeth, loss of vertical dimension of occlusion)

  • Periodontics: periodontal pocket treatments (loss of bone around the tooth) and gingival removals 

  • Dental surgery (wisdom tooth extraction, cyst ablation etc.)

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