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Clinique la Prairie La Residence

La Résidence at Clinique la Prairie was originally home to Dr. Paul Niehans and his scientific research. The Résidence is the clinic’s most historic building housing nine rooms and suites. Encapsulating the charm of early 20th century grand hotels, it offers spectacular views and a glimpse of our private gardens.

A holistic health & wellness place, Clinique La Prairie is the only holistic health & wellness place to combine a luxury five-star hotel and a renowned private clinic. Nature provides a beautiful setting for this unforgettable experience: the 50 rooms and suites offer stunning views over the Alps and Lake Geneva. In addition to La Residence, these complete the property:

Le Château - award-winning Spa building

Our recently renovated Château welcomes guests to luxurious, light-filled interiors. Its 14 spacious rooms and suites are set on higher ground with balconies overlooking the beautiful natural surroundings.

  • Standard rooms 25 m2

  • Alcoves rooms 35 m2

  • Junior suite 42 m2

  • Niehans suite 46 m2

Medical Center

The twenty post-op medically equipped rooms and six suites allow hospitalized guests full recovery in modern luxury and comfort. Set in the higher floors of the medical center, the rooms benefit from picturesque views of the lake and Swiss Alps.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609



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