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Cruise the World With Safrans du Monde Jet

Ever wanted to see the world from a unique perspective? Now’s your chance! Enjoy tailor made departures upon request for anytime, anywhere, and any number of guests with all food and beverages included, and super fast track access to your private jet. Choose from 5 spectacular hotel accommodations!

Current scheduled departures include the 2018 World Tour (Oct. 6th-27th), 2019 tour of Latin America (March 22-April 13th), and the 2019 World Tour (Oct. 26-Nov. 16th). A large selection of alternative programs and activities are available, such as volcanoes tours, helicopter flights, golfing, and much more. A trip with Safrans du Monde is a great opportunity for couples, families, groups, and world travelers alike to experience planet earth.

Contact us today or visit Safrans Du Monde for more information.


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