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Dining at Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

Updated: 7 days ago

So many beautiful dining opportunities at Bawah Reserve, like sunset dining on the jetty! Nestled in the island’s beachfront jungle, guest will find a place of calm, balance and renewal at Bawah Reserve! It’s no wonder they made it to The Gold List 2024!!

A place of calm, balance and renewal at Bawah Reserve!  Find total zen and integrated wellbeing in the soothing, natural surroundings of Bawah Reserve. Bawah Reserve is about changing the way traditional resorts have been run by respecting the natural environment and minimizing future impact, changing the mindset of guests who stay, changing the lives of employees by offering them opportunities to learn, earn and grow, changing the local communities by preserving the environment and offering employment, changing vendors practices by insisting on Earth-first products and services.... and so much more.

Video credit to  @jeminyap and @mjerrywin

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