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Dining at Morgan's Rock Nicaragua

Dining at Morgan’s Rock is a place where one can indulge in local flavors and international cuisine at the restaurant, where the culinary offerings celebrate the finest in local ingredients. Diners at the welcoming outdoor restaurant and bar can savor a wide array of Nicaraguan specialties and international dishes crafted from the finest local ingredients. The restaurant is perched on a shaded platform overlooking the pool and enveloped by the forest, offering a splendid vista of the private beach and cove. Guests are encouraged to unwind with a glass of wine, savor freshly caught seafood, and relish the daily spectacle of stunning sunsets that grace the horizon.

After enjoy a scrumptious meal, retreat to one of thoughtfully constructed bungalows that are harmoniously integrated into the jungle landscape, not far from the hacienda's private beach. Each three-sided bungalow is perched on a cliff, 30-100 feet above the private beach and cove, accessible via a 50-yard jungle suspension bridge. These bungalows can accommodate up to five people, and each features a unique outdoor terrace with a queen-sized day bed for relaxing and enjoying the treetop breeze.

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