Discover the Treasures of Florence

Castello Del Nero is less than 25km to Florence. With complimentary shuttles, you can enjoy a true Tuscany experience.

Romantic, stylish, historic and artistic, each time you visit Florence there will be a new treasure to uncover, but a first visit will leave you breathless trying to take in the world famous sights. There’s the cathedral with Brunelleschi’s famous dome, a genius of 15th century engineering; the over 700 year old Ponte Vecchio lined with jewel and gem merchants and the Boboli Gardens. And of course the Uffizi gallery which holds the greatest treasures of Renaissance art.

Birth of Venus

The Uffizi is simply vast, so choose your itinerary, without missing Botticelli’s masterpieces, The Birth of Venus, depicting the nude beauty emerging from the sea on a shell, and her companion piece La Primavera, depicting Venus surrounded by nymphs dancing in diaphanous dresses amidst a world in bloom.

Castello Del Nero is perfectly situated for day tours to the Tuscan and Chianti countryside.

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