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Eco resort Islas Secas in Panama

Islas Secas is an eco resort in Panama with a commitment to sustainability and stewardship at the core of the facilities, infrastructure and operation of Islas Secas, ensuring one of the most amazing eco escapes on earth

  • 100% of energy consumption on island is powered by our 300-meter long solar array

  • 100% of guest water use is captured and reclaimed through a system that includes constructed wetlands, sand filtration system and infrared light process to provide surface irrigation and reduce any impact on the ground water supply

  • 100% of food scraps are dehydrated and used for composting as fertilizer. There is zero waste here

  • There are no single-use plastic water bottles and we are striving to eliminate all single-use plastic at Islas Secas

  • Guest facilities were constructed with certified sustainable wood, while interior woods were pressure-treated with non-toxic boric acid. These high-quality materials and construction methods were used to maximize the life of facilities and to reduce the frequency of future rebuilds

  • The staff rotation schedule minimizes boat transport between Islas Secas and mainland Panama

  • We have planted thousands of native trees to help restore the natural infrastructure and integrity of the islands

  • Every year we bring groups of local children from the mainland for field trips with our visiting scientists to foster environmental education

Islas Secas is part of Beyond Green: New Sustainable Luxury Hotel Group, which debut a portfolio of hotels, resorts and lodges leading the charge towards sustainable tourism.

Ask your favorite travel advisor for reservations or for more details phone us at 1-888-334-7609. #dominiquedebaycollection #luxurylifestyle #boutiquehotel

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