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ETRA from Luxury Travel Advisor

We'd like to share a recent write-up on ETRA, one of the properties in our Private Retreat Collection, from Luxury Travel Advisor:

Etra, Florence

When Davide Miglino and his wife, co-founder Mimma Chiarini (; mimma were looking for a space within historic Florence to launch their first hospitality project, their primary challenge was to find a location within easy walking distance of the Duomo Cathedral, Uffizi Galleries, Ponte Vecchio, the Palazzo Vecchio and all the exclusive shops and restaurants in the fashionable neighborhood. Because the well-connected Florentine couple knew the city so well, they had an advantage. Before accumulating real estate holdings in central Florence, Mimma’s family had a long history in the high-end gentlemen’s apparel trade, as owners of the posh Eredi Chiarini boutique. And, Davide’s career as a senior executive in Monitor Deloitte, a major multinational strategy management consulting firm, involved extensive high-end travel. Eventually, they discovered a perfectly situated, historic former bank building in Art Nouveau style, originally designed by Paciarielli, c.1903. It is a grand space with high ceilings and ceiling-high windows, with two balconies overlooking the Duomo Cathedral. With architect Daniela Bianchi, from the AMDB studio in Florence, they repurposed and transformed the entire 2,700-square-foot floor into the Signature Suite, a three-bedroom apartment-like unit, which encompasses the total space, or, when divided, into a two-bedroom, 1,400-square-foot Family Suite and/or a one-bedroom, 1,300-square-foot Presidential Suite.

The project entailed restoring the building, refiguring the space and upgrading plumbing, heating and electrical systems. They added soundproof walls and heated parquet floors, and installed high-tech amenities, such as bathroom ceilings that reflect the movement of the sun and remote-controlled lighting and temperature — via IOT — and connected to the internet. The interior design concept incorporates the minimalist theory that “only what you want to see should be visible.” To that end, the kitchen is the most iconic Norbert Wangen design for Boffi and completely hidden. The storage and televisions disappear, too, when not in use. The minimalist contemporary décor is muted in color, including the L-shape sofa in the living room designed for De Padova; the lamp designed for Fontana Arte was inspired by the Pirellone building in Milan. Paintings add an historical context, because they are inspired by Mucha, a well-known Art Nouveau artist from Czechoslovakia. Personal wellbeing items, such as the hand-made cashmere and alpaca mattresses, 1,000-thread Percale linens and Jo Malone toiletries ensure comfort.

Davide Miglino organizes luxury transportation in a Bentley, Maserati or premium SUV and the bespoke experiences integral to Etra hospitality. His calls assure entry to the best restaurants, to haut de gamme shops on Tornabuoni street and exclusive access to private — or inner circle — venues, including a day spa (there are also on-site, spa services) and food delivery from the nearby Sophia Loren Restaurant.



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