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Exquisite Escape to Cockpit Country

Pantrepant is our working farm nestled on the banks of Jamaica’s gentle Martha Brae River. This lush, tranquil property, owned by Chris Blackwell, dates to the 1700s when it was carved from rolling hills and forests into a thriving sugar plantation.

Pantrepant is a destination unlike any other: It is a home, a working cattle farm and exquisite escape. The atmosphere is at once private, luxurious and laid back, and visitors can do as much or as little as they like. Ride into the fields on horseback, explore an ancient cave, swim amid old sugar cane ruins, observe cattle herding, hike or just relax in an oversized hammock.

Pantrepant is nestled on the banks of the Martha Brae River in Jamaica’s famous Cockpit Country, an area of lush rainforest,

dramatic valleys and rich soil. High in the hills of Trelawny Parish off the island’s northwestern coast, Cockpit Country is a region both remote and tranquil — one that most visitors never see. It is known for its wealth of rivers, streams and caves, and remarkable diversity of plants and animals.

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