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Give & Surf in Bocas del Toro

As surfers, they are natural travelers who see the world as a limitless canvas to explore coastlines and make connections with others, both tourists and locals. Many give back in small tokens of appreciation to those met on land or sea, whereas others take on a whole different life, dedicated to serving others in places with surf. Surfers develop non-profit initiatives to protect the ocean, work with wildlife, and serve communities. The old surfer was a wandering wave searcher. The new surfer finds waves, makes connections, and is drawn to stay with a purpose. This is the story of one such surfer on a mission to give and surf. In late 2010, there lived a 26-year-old dreamer in San Diego who traded in his conventional, happy life to embark on his most challenging journey: starting a non-profit in the jungles of Panama to assist those he thought had less and needed more.

That man: Neil Christiansen, Founder and Director of Give & Surf. Living and working with that dream for the last three years has altered my perception of myself, people, non-profits, and the world we all live in. Check it out! #give&surf #sweetbocas #panama #surfing #dominiquedebayhotelsandresorts



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