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GoldenEye Foundation at GoldenEye

“I founded the GoldenEye Foundation in 1995, through my GoldenEye Property, to be a catalyst for the sustainable development of the Oracabessa community and its environs.” — Chris Blackwell, Founder

“Oracabessa is a beautiful community, with captivating people and an extraordinary marine environment. Through the various programs of the Foundation, we work alongside the local community and stakeholders to enhance the quality of life of our residents, while preserving the heritage of our town and protecting our natural environment.”

Snorkeling around the Bay at GoldenEye is a wonderful experience as the water is crystal clear, and as a fish sanctuary - it is a 'no fishing' zone, which was designed to help replenish fish stocks within the Bay. Ask for an excursion to the coral nursery when you are next here to glean our on-going efforts with coral planting!



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