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Gramona winery by Destination Spain

Our DMC partner, Destination Spain, recently shared this blog post on Gramona winery:

Gramona is located in the Alt Penedès region, 30 Km south of Barcelona. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Our vineyards are protected during the harsher winters by the majestic, rocky Montserrat Mountain to the north.

Countryside & wine We want to share with you a place that is dear to our hearts and to take you into our vineyards so that you can see what the land gives us for yourself. We express our love of our local area through our respect for organic and biodynamic principles, such as allowing animals to roam through the vineyards because they have a positive impact on the life cycle of the vine. We are very much aware of the fact that nature and the environment have a direct and significant influence on our wines and cavas. It is therefore our duty to observe them and to learn to interpret them, thereby ensuring their sustainability.

From the vine to the wine In 2001, today’s generation of the Gramona family renovated the winery built in 1881 by its great-grandfather, Pau Batlle, and initiated a new project on the outskirts of Sant Sadurní: Celler Batlle. This winery, which blends into the vineyard landscape, has been designed to respect the environment and reflects Gramona’s determination to achieve a perfect balance between technology, innovation and tradition. This is where the transformation of the fruit of the vine begins, a transformation process which, through our meticulous work, will shape our wines’ different personalities. This is also where our long-aged cavas embark on their lengthy journey.

Traveltotheorigins of cava The essence and tradition of the winemaking past are alive and well at Gramona today in the quiet, magical atmosphere created by the slumbering bottles of our longest-aged cavas. Gramona still uses age-old craft practices, which include the use of the cork stopper, ageing sur lattes, riddling the bottles in pupitres, and disgorging by hand.

Enjoy our ride on a horse along the vineyards. Discover Gramona in a different way, enjoy the experience and discover Penedès. Enjoy a 30 minutes or an hour ride on a horse with a specialized guide who will explain you our vineyards.

Visit packages These packages have been put together to enable you to make the most of Gramona’s different spaces and can be tailored to the requirements of each group of visitors.

Ask Destination Spain to organize a personalized visit to Gramona winery or ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609



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