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Grand Tour of Asia

The captain has charted his flight plan, the private plane is luxurious and comfortable, a well-appointed and immaculately dressed crew has welcomed you aboard — find your reserved seat, and get ready for unforgettable discoveries.

This unique voyage, featuring the epitome of an air cruise and the quintessence of Asia, brings 9 magical destinations together to offer you an incredibly diverse panorama of an entire continent’s landscapes, cultures and savors.

In the comfort of your private jet, you will visit Kyoto and plunge into its contrasts of history, modernity and new horizons. A quick flight will then transport you from the land of the Rising Sun to the land of the Great Wall. You are now in Xi’an, in the heart of the Qin dynasty, already experiencing its opulence and contrasts! Dive into the wild world of Macao gambling, then relax in the Buddhist serenity of Laos before feeling the emotion of the Khmer Empire and the temples of Angkor. Then comes the splendor of Jaipur, in the land of the Maharajas. Still in Asia, your next stop is the desert of Oman, with its incredible oases and the legendary hospitality of the Bedouin people. And then you arrive in Central Asia to follow the Silk Road to Samarkand, before exploring one of the region’s least-known yet newly-fashionable destinations, Azerbaijan, a surprising discovery that will perfectly top off this Tour of Wonders.

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