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Ici et La Villa Rentals Saint Barth

Ici et La is a real estate and villa rentals company created in St Barts in 1990. Ici et La promotes more than 280 deluxe villas located all around the island in exceptional places from beachfront cottages to deluxe villas all of them have been carefully selected according to strict quality criteria. Each property has an ocean view and a pool or a Jacuzzi. They combine sophistication, comfort, convenience and originality with luxury. Each villa offers you different types of decor: Caribbean, Colonial, European, Minimalist…

Ici et La represents a wide range of villas and prices per week.

The philosophy of Ici et La Villa rentals is that every client is special and unique. They welcome guests in the most luxurious properties in stellar conditions and have a very special concierge service in order to offer the maximum use of facilities.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-212-752-1416


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