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Imanta Resorts-Punta de Mita, Mexico

Private Tree House

If you are feeling adventurous and seeking seclusion, Imanta Resorts in Punta de Mita offers this private luxury tree house on the mountain. Located just 5 minutes away from the hotel but still on the Imanta property.

Here you'll experience the meditative sounds of nature, refreshing ocean breezes and 5 star amenities such as your own private waterfall and dipping pool.

Private Waterfall and Dipping Pool

Imanta is a 5-star beach resort in Punta de Mita that has not only exclusively designed the most luxurious spaces for you to enjoy an unforgettable trip to paradise, but you’ll also have access to gourmet culinary experiences, a top notch Jungle Spa, and the opportunity to enjoy experiences handpicked by Imanta to create memories that will last forever.

On-site Restaurant "Catch of the Day"

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