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Insiders Guide To Jamaica

Inside Outpost

A unique new experience service for Island Outpost guests providing insights into Jamaica's culture,

nature , heritage and musical scene that no one else can offer. By sharing deep-rooted knowledge from Chris Blackwell's days of founding Island Records. Inside Outpost will allow guests to enjoy privileged access, one-off experiences and exclusive overnight offerings.

A Day At Pantrepant

Drive through interior countryside to visit the stunning farm property of Pantrepant, Island Outpost’s exclusive retreat in the foothills of the Cockpit Country. Learn about sustainable farming on a diversified farm, experience the lush landscape, take a refreshing swim in beautiful sea–green

river, explore the farm’s historic Taino cave with it’s petroglyph, and enjoy a bountiful and authentic Jamaican feast made from freshly harvested farm.

Learn more about Pantrepant or contact us.


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