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" Les Mots Passants " restaurant @ Hotel Bel Ami, Pari

Vibrant colours shimmering under the light from a large bay window, book shelves holding a collection of art books, ceiling screens beaming down visions of Parisian life, together with a whole range of miscellaneous little objects such as you might find at home, come together to create a joyfully contemporary and welcoming atmosphere.

There is a very striking celebration of culinary pleasures in the form of a huge suspended feature taking up the words of Guy de Maupasssant: “De toutes les passions, la seule vraiment respectable me paraît être la gourmandise” (Of all the passions, the only one which seems respectable to me is the passion for good food). The Mots Passants restaurant of the Hotel Bel Ami in Saint-Germain-des-Prés invites you to sample its hearty organic brunch, with dishes to satisfy the most refined of palates and the healthiest of appetites.

A pure delight for both the eyes and the taste buds.



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