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Longevity with Clinique la Prairie

Targeting Senescent Cells to promote Longevity at Clinique La Prairie. It has been scientifically demonstrated that aging is inextricably bound up with cellular senescence - the process by which a cell ages and stops dividing without actually dying. But is it possible to slow down cellular senescence and the chronic pathologies associated with it? To find out, Clinique La Prairie interviewed Dr Silvio Folli, who holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Faculty of Medicine Award from the University of Lausanne, and is a member of Clinique La Prairie’s Scientific Committee.

The treatments offered act favourably on the loss of information that triggers the molecular mechanisms that lead to cellular senescence and the chronic pathologies associated with it. In a way, rebooting cellular programmes that are developmentally highly conserved temporarily shuts off an unprogrammed state, meaning one that is less orderly or more chaotic, that causes cellular senescence. In that sense, yes, you could call it a fountain of youth.

The Château and clinic rooms and suites at Clinique La Prairie are set on higher ground within Clinique La Prairie's domain and overlooking the lake, the Château is the clinic's main hotel building. The 3 floors of the Château offer 23 luxury rooms and suites. Most rooms have a terrace or balcony with views of the lake and mountains. Connecting rooms are available.

Featuring modern architecture, the Medical Center reveals contemporary glass facades combining a play of light with magical reflections of the lake and mountains. This building has 20 post-op rooms, 2 Junior Suites and 4 suites situated on the clinic's top floor.

For details or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407

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