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Medical Detox at Clinique La Prairie

Helping guests with a healthy routine and reap the benefits beyond the clinic’s doors is the mission of Clinique la Prairie's Longevity hub. They recently launched a detox pack designed with treatments and coaching that amplify each other to re-activate a detox.

Why detox?

Modern-day lifestyles expose us to a vast quantity of toxins every day, which can affect our bodies’ regeneration capabilities. We demand so much of our liver, kidneys or even skin that they can no longer keep pace. The chemical pollutants to which we’re exposed therefore tend to accumulate in our nervous system, fatty tissues, bones and muscles, which can lead to fatigue, digestive problems, dull complexion and hair, and sometimes unexplained allergies or a weakened immune system. By removing these toxins and boosting liver biotransformation, a detox promotes physiological balance.

Ask us for more information on this and other programs available #medicaltourism @cliniquelaprairie #cliniquelaprairie #routine #detox #health #healthylifestyle #longevity #wellbeing #wellness #switzerland #unlockthesecretofliving


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