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Pascua in Panama with Islas Secas

If you're traveling to Islas Secas before Easter, you might want to enjoy the weeklong celebration in Panama City that leads up to the holiday. Pascua (Easter) in Panama is not a one-day celebration. Like many Hispanic and Catholic countries, the week before Easter Sunday is known as Semana Santa (Holy Week), and it's one of the most popular and celebrated holidays in Panama. Then rest, relax and reconnect with nature. The remote and wild Islas Secas, an archipelago of 14 islands located 20 miles off Panama’s rugged Pacific coast, is waiting to be explored. Seven hundred and fifty species of fish, 100 bird species, and 128 species of plants, and just over an hour boat ride from Coiba National Marine Park, a UNESCO-designated protected marine area, this area is home to the second largest coral reef system in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Islas Secas, with endless opportunities for sustainable adventure and room for up to 24 guests in seven beautiful casitas, is devoted to our natural surroundings. Come to the lovely archipelago during the most lush season – and share in the magic for longer.

Islas Secas, a Panama experience like no other, with 18 guests, 20 miles from civilization! A pristine ocean wilderness where the ultimate sustainable, barefoot luxury meets adventure at every turn. The perfect private island vacation. Unwind, recharge and reset.



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