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Positive Luxury Award for Song Saa Collective in Cambodia!

The Song Saa Collective in Cambodia is proud to be shortlisted by @positiveluxury for the #PositiveLuxuryAwards2020 in the Positive Environmental Impact of the Year. The Awards, which are open to all luxury brands, recognise companies or individuals that are working towards affecting positive change in businesses and our world. This award recognises the brand that has in the past year demonstrated outstanding results in positive environmental impact.

Oh.... and have you also heard about the Song Saa Reserve?

Building on the knowledge and success of Song Saa Private Island and its sister NGO, the Song Saa Foundation, the Song Saa Reserve seeks to fulfil our vision of creating a commercially successful, ethically led integrated resort: a place where experiential tourism blends effortlessly with initiatives that restore and improve the local natural and human environment.

At the heart of this project is the appreciation that, while the prime economic activity is the construction and operation of tourist based facilities, the project entails a strong commitment to the regeneration, restoration and resilience of the project site and itscommunities, the conservation of Khmer heritage and the sustained improvement of local livelihoods, all while partnering with the world’s best developers, hotel companies, designers, technologists, conservationists and thought leaders to create a pioneering destination for tourists to experience Cambodia’s unique cultural heritage, natural beauty and personal charm and to be inspired to make a difference in the world.

Website: Song Saa Foundation Website:



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