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Wellness with Clinique la Prairie

At Clinique La Prairie, they believe that a longer, fuller life begins with a strong mind and healthy body. Guests discover sustainable ways to heal physical and emotional discomfort, and prevent future health issues. Their holistic approach to medical wellbeing uses a combination of innovative medical expertise and care; internationally trained medical spa therapists, and an exciting collection of alternative world philosophies. At Clinique La Prairie, they dedicate themselves to making experiences one of complete rest and trusted care.

Learn more on how they have spent 90 years inspiring healthier and fuller lives. Step by step, guests will unfold their potential. Slow time, capture energy, preserve youth. The holistic approach to health and wellness combines evidence-based medicine with unique wellbeing, nutrition and movement plans, in the highly stimulating environment of the Swiss Riviera, surrounded by the very best of nature.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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