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San Lorenzo White Deer Lodge Dolomites Special Commission!

From The San Lorenzo White Deer Lodge in the Dolomites, we share a note from Stefano e Giorgia Barbini, Founders & Owners:

Dear Friends,

With its luxurious charm and high-quality cuisine, a stay at the White Deer San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge can't be anything less than memorable. Immerse yourself in the stunning atmosphere of the Dolomites and enjoy winter sports in the Puster Valley!

We still have availability in February and March, don't miss out on this rare opportunity! In recognition of your professional expertise and hard work, I am also pleased to add an additional 5% to your usual commission for any bookings secured for the months of February and March. Furthermore, I will gladly offer your clients a wine tasting tour of our private cellar, which houses over 1500 bottles.

Lastly, if any of your clients love to ski, as I do, I will personally drive them over to Plan de Corones (the largest ski resort in the Dolomites) on their first day, and hit the slopes with them.

We are waiting for your clients!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

☎️ 1-212-752-1416


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