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Sol y Luna Association & Home

Your sponsorship is having a great, positive impact on Briana´s life. Because of you, she has access to the best education and, as you know, she is receiving all the tools necessary to fully develop, both academically and emotionally. This would not be possible without your valuable support.

We want to share news with you about the Sol y Luna Association*. This year, in addition to the school and Paqari (the center for children with different abilities), we have started a new project that fills us with joy and satisfaction: the Sol y Luna Home. We are providing a home to children who are victims of abandonment and domestic violence. This initiative is a big challenge for us, but it is being made possible thanks to generous hearts like yours.

*This program of the Sol y Luna Association was born with the purpose of providing a safe and pleasant home for those children of the Sol y Luna School that for some reason are without family or are victims of violence. At Sol y Luna Home, our children find housing, food, and clothing, and find their material and emotional needs provided, which helps them to develop as physically, mentally, emotionally and morally healthy people. We want our children and teenagers to feel loved, accepted and respected, as well as having a sense of belonging, by being part of a family.

We are delighted to be a part of the Sol y Luna family and to support their mission!

To learn more contact :


Tel: 999 500 917

Colegio Intercultural Sol y Luna




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