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Sol y Luna, Built on Love

Marie Hélene Miribel, also known as Petit, left her corporate life and followed her heart heart for a life in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, to live her dream of improving the future for some of the world’s poorest children. Her husband Franz was a perfect match. Petit had tons of ideas for how to educate these children, and Franz possessed the gifts to build and realize these audacious dreams. Together they built Sol y Luna and a school.

"In 1999, we started an education project for the local children, many of whom walked for hours each day to get to a school in poor condition or did not go at all. Working within the existing social fabric proved invaluable to understanding the realities of schools and families around the Sacred Valley. To support our education initiatives in the most economically sustainable way given Sacred Valley’s potential for tourism, in 2000 we decided to build a hotel. Franz and I gradually understood that we could be most effective by starting our own school. In 2009, we opened the Sol y Luna Intercultural School, which our children Thomas and Melanie attend today, along with 185 children of the Sacred Valley"- Marie H. Miribel.

All hotel profits go to benefit the Sol y Luna Association and Intercultural school. They also offer work to the local families of the community. They are committed to achieving change in the lives of the children of the Sacred Valley through education.

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