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Sol y Luna Home

If you tuned into our FB live today, we introduced you to the Sol y Luna home in Peru. Here, we'd like to share a bit more about what they are all about.

SOL Y LUNA HOME This program of the Sol y Luna Association was born with the purpose of providing a safe and pleasant home for those children of the Sol y Luna School that for some reason are without family or are victims of violence.

At Sol y Luna Home, our children find housing, food, and clothing, and find their material and emotional needs provided, which helps them to develop as physically, mentally, emotionally and morally healthy people. We want our children and teenagers to feel loved, accepted and respected, as well as having a sense of belonging, by being part of a family.

Children and teen agers have the responsibility to keep their rooms clean and tidy, and during the holidays they help with household chores, such as working in the kitchen or laundry, washing dishes, cleaning, etc. In the Home, everyone’s participation is encouraged, as part of a family.

TEAM We have an Administrator, an assistant, and cleaning and kitchen staff. Maintenance, accounting and other external services are provided by the Sol y Luna Hotel team.


Ada Stevanja, educator and therapist, left Italy in 1996 and arrived in Cusco to work with vulnerable children. After collaborating with various local institutions for a few years, she bought some land in Ccotohuincho - Urubamba with the help of donations from friends in Italy, and in 2001 she founded the “Mosoq Runa” Home, which, in Quechua, means “New People”. Petit and Ada met in 2003 through a mutual friend. Both left their native countries, dedicating their lives to working for the most vulnerable children of the Sacred Valley. Since they met, the Sol y Luna Association has been providing support to the Home through the donation of bedding, household goods, technical support, etc. Now, Petit and the Sol y Luna Association receive the legacy of Ada, giving birth to the Sol y Luna Home.

At the beginning, she received children from the area and organized workshops for art, psychomotricity and creative games for them. Then she saw that some children needed a home, due to their situation of extreme poverty, abandonment or physical and / or sexual violence, so she opened the doors for them to live there permanently. After 17 years of work as Administrator and Homemaker, Ada feels that she has already fulfilled her mission. She has planned to return to Italy for retirement, however her legacy continues. Due to her friendship with Petit Miribel of Sol y Luna, and the common mission they share, the Home has been left to the Sol y Luna Association for financing, maintenance and administration. As of January 2019, the Mosoq Runa Home became the Sol y Luna Home, to continue the mission of providing a refuge and a family for vulnerable children and teenagers.


DONATIONS TO OUR ACCOUNTS Beneficiary: Asociación Sol & Luna Bank: BCP - Banco de Crédito del Perú Account in Soles: 285-1901396-0-06 Account in Dollars: 285-1901121-1-39 SWIFT Code: BCPLPEPL

DONATION OF PRODUCTS AND / OR SERVICES Food, cleaning and personal hygiene items, clothing, toys, books, etc.

VOLUNTEERING An opportunity to be part of the Sol y Luna family, living with our children and teenagers, supporting them in their school work and being part of all the activities of the Home.

CONTACT Asociación Sol y Luna PETIT MIRIBEL C: +51 984 700272


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