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St. Barth Festive Availability

The Christopher St Barth is the place of your dreams for special events and festive season, where an intimate ambiance creates unforgettable memories. An exceptional environment with lush gardens, this magical setting adds a special touch to all your parties, from a moment with friends to a romantic evening. Nestled along the coast of Pointe Milou and protected from the trade winds, the Hotel Christopher provides an intimate and romantic setting with its timeless elegance, creating the most idyllic spot to make your holidays a truly exceptional experience. Where guests are seduced by the breath-taking views, where the ocean stretches toward the horizon, and enjoy a magical event that promises a lifetime of unforgettable memories...

Here are the dates for festive availability*

Ocean Terrace room (970€ per night until 12.22 , 1,800€ until 01.03 , 1130€ until 01.15 ) - available Dec 18- Jan 15- (2 units left)

Ocean Junior Suite (1,080€ per night until 12.22 , 2,000€ until 01.03, 1,260€ until 01.15) - available Dec 18-Jan 15 (last unit left)

Ocean Deluxe Terrace Room (1,630€ per night until 12.22 , 2,500€ until 12.26) - available Dec 17-26 (3 units left)

Ocean Deluxe Balcony Room (1,630€ per night until 12.22 , 2,500€ until 01.03, 1,800€ until 01.15) - available Dec 17- Jan15 (2 units left)

Ocean Spa Suite (1,900 € per night until 12.22 , 3,300€ until 12.28) - available Dec 22-28 (1 unit)

*Dates may vary, for up to date availability email or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407

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