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Surfing at Sweet Bocas

Sweet Bocas second surfing season of the year starts mid-June to end of August.

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Legend has it that Bocas del Toro gets its name from waves crashing upon volcanic rock making a distinct sound similar to the roar of a bull. It comes to no surprise then that nine ocean facing islands in Bocas Del Toro boast some of the best surfing in the Caribbean and the world. The main surf season runs from late November to April with secondary season in June, July and August. The waves are varied to fit all needs; sand beaches of the highest quality to reef points and secret breaks lie around every bend in this archipelago.

ISLA COLON Isla Colon, the main island, is a seven minute boat ride from Sweet Bocas and boasts five major surf spots which our boat captains can navigate to at the best times to surf.

WAIKIKI Located just out of town at Playa El Istmito, this is a mellow beach break with sand bottom suitable for beginners and longboarders. It throws both lefts and rights and is great for beginners to just practice standing up and going straight on the whitewater. It does need a larger swell to start showing and will be breaking smaller than everywhere else. If your kids would like to learn how to surf, this is the spot to go to.

TIGER TAIL One of the first breaks that starts showing. It’s a fun right-hander when small, and once it is head high or overhead, breaks pretty steep and powerful to both the left and right. When small, it’s suitable for beginners but not afterwards. With a sand/reef bottom, if it gets just a bit bigger, it starts closing out as it breaks in a small gap in the reef.

DUMPERS Outer dumpers provides one of the fastest rides in town. With a steep drop, surfers should get ready for a short tube. This is a wave you really don’t want to fall off, as the reef is exposed right in front of you as well as caves under the hole where the wave breaks. Inner dumpers provides a longer ride with clean steep walls and at the right size can also give you some really nice tubes.

PAUNCH Surfers looking for some reef experience can try out Paunch which gently breaks mostly to the left but also has a right. With clean faces great for playing around, Paunch can get quite square if the surf is really big, which is only for experienced surfers.

BLUFF Only for advanced and pro surfers, when conditions are right, Bluff is hollow, fast and very powerful. It breaks almost over the shore and eats boards when it’s hungry.

CARANERO ISLAND Depending on which break you’re going to, it’s just a 10-15 minute boat ride from Sweet Bocas.

CARENERO The point break that put Bocas del Toro on the surfing map, it has an inner and outer section that when big, can connect to make for very long rides. With 5 distinct peaks this break can hold a lot of surfers. It starts working at 4 feet and can hold swells of up to 12 or a bit more. With the right angle, expect hollow and powerful tubes. Plenty of current. (Only for intermediate – advanced surfers.)

OLD BANK An A-frame that breaks in the middle of a channel, Old Bank is a fun wave for everyone. Even though it’s a reef break, the water is deep enough for it not to be a hazard so it’s great for beginners.

BLACK ROCK A fun right suitable for beginners, that also breaks in the middle of the channel with a sandy reef bottom. On bigger days it can be more powerful.

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