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Surfing at Sweet Bocas, Panama

Legend has it that Bocas del Toro gets its name from waves crashing upon volcanic rock making a distinct sound similar to the roar of a bull. It comes to no surprise then that that nine ocean facing islands in Bocas Del Toro boast some of the best surfing in Caribbean and the world. The main surf season runs from late November to March with secondary season in June, July and August. The waves are varied to fit all needs; sand beaches of the highest quality to reef points and secrets breaks lie around every bend in this archipelago.

Sweet Bocas has partnered with famous surfing pro Terry Simms to offer special surfing packages. Surfing guests can access the numerous waves in the area by private boat. This area is rich with islands and coves that create waves as well as numerous beaches with great sand bars. There is a good range of waves for new surfers who are just gaining skills. For the seasoned surfer looking for a solid barrel, the Bocas region offers several world class waves. We love this area for its diversity in reefs and beach breaks. Because of the multiple islands in the area, there many nooks and crannies that provide uncrowded waves

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