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The Nautilus Maldives


At The Nautilus Maldives, a luxury escape means so much more than just exquisite accommodation, world-class dining and top-tier, personalized service. Of course, luxury encompasses all of those things, but on their idyllic shores, they believe that the truest type of luxury is found in escaping the bounds of time. Time is something truly priceless and precious. Time away from the demands of the world and the distractions of daily life can be deeply restorative. Time off from work is vital for health and well-being; time spent with loved ones is vital for meaningful connection.  This concept of luxury is shaped by one of their core hallmarks: Time Stands Still. It is a concept guests’ll find woven into every detail of our ultra-luxury bohemian hideaway, from the dreamlike experiences on offer to the whimsical style of unscripted dining. Explore what it means to escape time on an immensely private island.



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