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The Spa Byblos in Saint Tropez

The Byblos Saint-Tropez is a 5-star Palace hotel with a unique Lebanese salon at the Spa Byblos by Sisley was directly imported stone by stone from a 16th century palace in Beirut by Prosper Gay-Para (creator of the Byblos in 1965). The period wall paneling makes this salon one of the most atypical and stunning rooms of the Spa, an extraordinary suite, conceived in stones from Jerusalem and moucharabieh lattice work panels, for beauty treatments as a twosome. A hammam and a resting bed… could you ever imagine a more precious refuge ? It provides an intimate space of relaxation “with an Oriental spirit”, totally exotic and ideal for a treatment.


These treatments help you to rebalance and reconnect with your inner self, through an experience combining yoga postures, relaxation, meditation and self-awareness.

A programme with five options adapted to the rhythm and energy of each guest, whether you are laid-back or energetic, festive or relaxed.

– Morning: gentle and energising movements or invigorating and dynamic exercises, depending on your energy levels.

– Evening: a variety of exercises to relax the body and mind and prepare for an evening of relaxation or celebration.

Inner harmony treatments are available as individual sessions or group sessions (with friends, as a couple, or with family).

These treatments are provided by experts in their fields.

Sessions last 60 minutes but can be adjusted to suit your needs.


The Byblos “Epic journeys” experiences are in the form of one-day personalised and individual wellness retreats that will bring you back to the essential and help you find sincerity and authenticity.

Five “Epic journeys” experiences have been created inviting you on an incredible journey from the head to the heart.

An expert will help you to identify your specific needs and will propose the “Epic journeys” experience the most suited to what you are looking for.

Each “Epic journeys” experience is linked to an element (water, earth, fire, air, ether) and a specific energy inspired by the Greek gods of ancient mythology.

Each retreat is enhanced with a gluten-free, vegetarian menu created specifically for each programme.

These culinary creations have been designed by the Byblos’s executive chef using fresh ingredients from the hotel’s own kitchen garden.

Each “Epic journeys” experience includes:

– One 60-minute inner harmony treatment – One 60-minute “Byblos” signature massage – One gluten-free and vegetarian lunch – One holistic treatment (tailored to the chosen “Epic journeys” experience)

For details or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407

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