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Welcome to the MOZART SUITE @ Smetana Hotel, Prague

Welcome to the MOZART SUITE

The most famous of the composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Konstanze were regular guests of the Count, this was due to the fact that Mozart believed that he had finally found his orchestra in Prague, and thus travelled thereoften in his later years. He said “my Czechs understand my music”. As mentioned he visited Prague on five different occasions because Prague was his love on first sight. He conducted his composition of Figarova Svatba in Nosticovo theatre which became a hit. Thunovský palace which is located under the Prague castle was his home as well and in the year 1787 he met Casanova there. He also frequently visited Count Pachta in his Pachtuv Palace, where he attended concerts and social gatherings. Many of his works came out of these walls where you are now. He marked so many occasions here that there is also a museum. The so-called"Bertramka" or Mozart's home museum in Prague was founded in 1956. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived there during his stay in Prague and completion of "Don Juan" opera. This house belonged to Dushkovs family that bought it in 18th century. Frantishek Xavier Dushek was the well known composer and his wife was a singer. That is why the museum is devoted not only to Mozart but also to the spouses who dedicated whole their lives to the music.

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