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Whale watching at Islas Secas

The humpback whales have arrived, at Islas Secas, marking the start of an epic season featuring marine mammals who come to our vibrant & protected waters to nurse, feed & frolic. It is a fantastic time to visit. The Bay of Chiriqui, Panama is the only place on earth that hosts two separate populations of migrating humpback whales - come witness their homecoming. The experiences will immerse guests in the raw, natural beauty of Panama's wild Pacific Coast. Discover a wild and wonderful marine safari!

There are Five Wonderful Ways to Whale Watch in this remote paradise with a passion for conservation. Islas Secas delivers unforgettable exposure to majestic marine mammals - and more. Witness the epic migration of two populations of humpback whales as they cross paths in the Bay of Chiriqui between June and October. Watch their graceful reunion from the shores, or embark on a respectful excursion by boat for open-water viewing.

Adventure Together, Remember ForeverAt Secas, friends and family thrill to natural adventures, delight in cultural experiences, savor inspired cuisine, and witness inspiring sights - including amazing whales in season. From yoga retreats to mother-daughter trips to extended family Thanksgiving, Secas makes your special group getaway the trip of a lifetime.

The remote and wild Islas Secas, an archipelago of 14 islands located 20 miles off Panama’s rugged Pacific coast, is waiting to be explored. For details or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407



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