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Activities Guide at Sweet Bocas


From beginner to experienced breaks, lefts and rights, big and small, soft and heavy, there's something for everyone. A private instructor is available for lessons ranging from "beginner" to "advanced". The most popular attractions for surfing on Colon Island near the villa, are Bluff Beach and the humorously titled, The Dump. Bluff is a beach with a beautiful shoreline that stretches for miles, it has a long underwater drop of creating continuous waves that break almost right in the beach. The Dump is the favorite of local surfers. For more privacy and safety there are the beaches of Punta Vieja and Red Frog on Bastimentos Island. You can also explore Carenero Island along the eastern coast of the key. Sweet Bocas has five custom surfboards for use including:

•Quad Fish: 6'2" x 21 3/4 x 2.75 •Honey Badger: 6'10" x 2 7/8 x 2.5 •Pintail: 7'6" x 21.5 x 2 3/4 •Glider: 8'0" •Competition Nose Rider: 9'0"

ATV JUNGLE EXPEDITION Explore the tropical jungle and discover a whole other ecosystem with one of Sweet Bocas' private guides. This tour of their three-canopy rainforest, with one of the highest biodiversity rates on the planet, is a once in a lifetime experience. It's a must do that will definitely get you out of your comfort zone!


Established in 1988, Bocas del Toro's National Marine Park was Panama's first-ever marine park. The park area encompasses a large portion of Bastimentos Island and Zapatillas Keys, including some of the best beaches of the Archipelago like Red Frog Beach. You can organize a hiking tour or take Sweet Bocas' bikes out to take advantage of this seemingly simple activity and experience a Sweet Bocas adventure from a local's point of view.

PLAY WITH BOTTLE-NOSE DOLPHINS Search for bottle-nose dolphins and hear their calls through a hydrophone. You will enjoy watching them mate and play around the magnificent Isla Delfines. Jump in for a swim to play with the dolphins or be adventurous and feed them by hand. If you're lucky, they just might come by to thank you later during your stay at Sweet Bocas.

BAT CAVE On board a traditional cayuco (handcrafted wooden dugout canoe), row deep into the forest where sloths live and have close encounters with these slow-motion mammals. Then, visit a cave with thousands of bats and walk inside where it's so dark you can't even see your own hands.

ZIP-LINING This amazing excursion includes: 7 tree-based island ziplines, 13 elevated platforms, a 4- feature tree challenge comprising of a swaying suspended log-bridge, a traversable canopy net and a series of other rope features. Isla Bastimentos is located 30 miles from Costa Rica and only 15 minutes from Sweet Bocas. It is both exhilarating and visually stunning. The National Marine Park is listed as one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and you can get to see it from the tree tops!

NIGHT FISHING EXPEDITION Join some of the members of the Sweet Bocas staff from the Ngåbe-Bugle Tribe and learn how to catch shrimp with your bare hands! Embark on a traditional cayuco and paddle in the backwaters through mangroves using flashlights to attract and catch live shrimp! When the moon is bright and/or full, flashlights might not even be needed. This is definitely a difficult skill to acquire, making it a fun challenge forall!

FREE DIVING EXPERIENCE Enjoy an hour free-dive lesson with Sweet Bocas' pros and go boating in search of the best coral reefs. Depths range from 5ft to 50ft. Their free-dive lessons will maximize your underwater capacity. A local fisherman will pick you up from the front deck of the house and bring you to their favorite spots to dive for spiny lobster. Don't forget to bring it back to your chef so you can savor it with a delicious glass of white wine!

EXOTIC FRUIT HARVEST Hike in a tropical rain forest with guides and machetes clearing your passage while harvesting and tasting a huge variety of exotic fruits; magic fruit, soursop, cacao, biriba, bread fruit, achiote, jackfruit and much more. You can even ask one of the guides to show you how to use his machete!

MANGROVE AN D MANATEE EXPLORATION Learn to steer a cayuco while exploring mangroves and paddling around with the local kids from the indigenous Ngåbe-Bugle tribe. Within the mangrove systems, you can also visit a wildlife reserve to learn about the ecosystem and encounter the magnificent manatees.

TENNIS Sweet Bocas' tennis pro is available throughout your stay for lessons or just to have a partner to hit around with day or night. The courts are a 5-minute walk from the villa. Please note that appointments with the tennis pro require prior arrangement

SAILING Head out on Sweet Bocas' magnificent 42-foot luxury catamaran to enjoy some sun and comfortable sailing around the archipelago of Bocas. Lay back, relax, and sail by the mangroves, or jump in and swim with the dolphins. Then, enjoy snorkeling at private pristine reefs off the edge of the catamaran and explore golden sandy beaches! Please ask about the three available private packages.

JET-SKIS Nothing really beats having Jet-Skis at your deposal ready to go right here in Little Bight the bay next to the boathouse. You will explore the mangroves and stay in front of the villa just for fun. Please ask us about arranging for these Jet-Skis. We can have them here for you.

YOGA, MEDITATION, AND SPA Come enter a state of wellness and wellbeing with Sweet Bocas' resident yogi. Her years of experience in guided meditation and yoga is at your disposal for whenever you'd like to explore your higher self. Additionally, you can let your time away better your beauty and sense of self with a trip to our luxury rainforest spa. Their spa offers the following services:•Body wraps •Facials •Manicures •Massages •Pedicures


From a short Discover Scuba course to a full certification course, Sweet Bocas' pros will teach you the perfect buoyancy skills. You can dive deep in search of coral reefs and walls that will allow you to encounter an abundance of marine life: sea anemones and sea urchins, brittle stars, big crabs, toad fish, sea horses, nurse sharks, huge sponge corals, not to mention many schools of fish.

Bahia de Almirante is home to the best snorkeling and scuba in the area. Protected coral reefs, clear waters, and little to no waves make it ideal. At most of the sites, the reefs are up to 60 feet deep (20 meters). Be sure to venture out to Cristobal Island where Zapatillas Keys, in the Bastimentos National Marine Park will seduce your eyes and forever change how you see the world.

Sweet Bocas is a majestic 20,000 square foot, three-story, nine-bedroom full-service luxury villa constructed entirely out of Panamanian teak, built atop over 100 cement stilts and connected to a six hectare (15 acres) island/property by a 130-meter dock. #Dominiquedebaycollection #Sweetbocas #Panama #Archipelago #PrivateResidence #PrivateRental #LuxuryRental #luxurylifestyle

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609


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