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Panama is one of the 22 Best Places to Go in 2022

If you saw the December 1st publication by Conde Naste Traveler 's, you read that "Bocas del Toro is a must-visit, with sprawling beaches that never feel too crowded and turquoise waters home to 95 percent of the coral species found in the Caribbean Sea. Memorable wildlife encounters include nighttime snorkeling in bioluminescent waters and exploring the subterranean lakes of Nivida Bat Cave with the help of headlamps and a knowledgeable guide from Hello Travel Panama.

And with Copa Airlines’ popular Panama Stopover program being back, travelers can add a one- to seven-day stopover en route to 36 destinations in South America at no extra cost. There are fewer Americans here than in neighboring islands, and with hundreds of islands on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides, you won’t be fighting for beach real estate. Make like the mammals and freshwater fauna of the Pliocene era, who migrated between North and South America when the isthmus of Panama formed, and linger awhile to explore Panama’s biodiverse jungles and beaches."

With this in mind, our property, Sweet Bocas, is a majestic 20,000 square foot, three-story, seven-bedroom full-service luxury villa constructed entirely out of Panamanian teak, built atop over 100 cement stilts and connected to a six hectare (15 acres) island/property by a 130-meter dock. Found on a private island in a UNESCO World Heritage Site archipelago, known as Bocas del Toro, in the northwest of Panama, Sweet Bocas is the very definition of secluded, tropical paradise. Guests experience luxury sustainably and more authentically in absolute privacy. Self-sustainable, it has the second largest freshwater lake in the archipelago and a fully functioning permaculture farm, and is dedicated to providing a conscious travel experience that in turn creates a positive impact for the indigenous communities of Panama. It is this sort of destination which will allow travelers to be connected with nature and themselves – a growing trend in the industry.


Conde Naste Traveler 's The 22 Best Places to Go in 2022

Whether you're looking for a cutting-edge food destination or a relaxing beach getaway. BY CNT EDITORS December 1, 2021


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